2019 August 19
Eng. Nazeer Ahamed,
The Chairman,
National Apprentice’ & Industrial Training Authority,
No. 971,
Sri Jayewardenepura Mawatha,

Dear Sir,

Regarding the Court Case-C.A WRIT 94/2019

This is with reference with the court case filed by the Student Association of NDES and the NDES Alumni Association.

As you are aware, the petitioner & respondent parties have entered to settlement under the order of by lordship of court of appeal the honorable judges of the Court of Appeal clearly acknowledged the agreement filed through a motion on 2nd of August 2019, signed by instructing Attorneys representing both parties.

The Alumni Association along with members highly appreciate, you for the professional & enthusiastic approach you followed in the process of handling the conflict situation and the support extended in resolving it in form of an agreement.

Initially, we would like to give our fullest support on appointing the members to the lET Governing Council. As per the agreement, the Association nominates the following amply qualified professional as Alumni Association’s Representative to the Governing Council

  • Eng. Anuruddha Madawala
    C.Eng, MIESL, MSc (Eng), CEI Part 1 and II (UK),
    NDES (Electrical Engineering)
    Chief Engineer-Instrumentation & Control
    Project Manager (Frame V Gas Turbine Rehabilitation Project)
    Ceylon Electricity Board

Stagnation of syllabus revision process has been noticed by the Association due to un-professional acts of the relevant project authorities.

Therefore, the Association is very much pleased if you could call a meeting at a convenient time.

The Association and its members would like to join hands with you for the advancement and betterment of NDES and the Institute of Engineering Technology.

Yours sincerely,

Ishara Ariyarathne.
Vice President-Academic & Industrial Training
Cc: Director/Principal, Institute of Engineering Technology
Cc: President, SANDES, Institute of Engineering Technology