As per news article in the newspapers about the Aukana Statue, and the comments on the “lightning scenario” as an exclusive Company, we, Micro Power Engineering (innovative Technology Group), thereof offers its services as a local manufacturer and as a national interest.

Once the inspection was carried out on the site we observed a Steel roof of Aukana Statue has been established in recent past by the Government Factory in 2015.

Technical Over-view

Basically, Aukana Statue is a theoretical very good lightning protection (Direct) zone with the steel roof.

In any given high altitude location, if any conductive structure is being erected, it could be subjected to a lightning strike or it becomes “lightning prone Zone”. (any high rise structure made by any conductive materials) And also, it creates a Lightning Protection Domain as well; around the area within radial distance of the height of the structure. (rolling sphere method devised by an inventor Dr. Ericsson)

Any conductive element subjected to Lightning Strikes and it diverts bulk of current via Conductive elements, provided. Given lightning current is being directed to the ground via a least path looking for a good ground (low impedance path) 

We manage to test the Earth Impedance and, it was well below 10 ohms and up to the Standard.

Micro Power Engineering could figure out the only suffering matter is not the Lightning Damages, but at the time of Interception, there is a big noise (it’s a prediction/myth that it’s a lightning and it creates a calamity to the observers and to the people roaming around but so far nothing has been happen ever since it has been established)

We did not notice any Damages to the location and under the shelter or neither adjoining building facility. At the time of Lightning, Earth acts as a capacitor and the gravity of lightning damages is depend on the time & the impedance of the soil.

We cannot deal with time, but can deal with impedance of the soil which could be kept to the bear minimal and to enhance speedy dissipation, a purposely grounded ring conductor could be established in order to dissipate the massive lightning current to the ground in a flash.

Due to massive roof area of Aukana Statue and it is a suspended type, when a transient electromagnetic filed is being intercepted with the roof and the ground, mechanical jerks creates massive noise as well.

A Surge Protection System for Aukana StatueIn order to capture the stake of bolt of lightning strikes, it was decided to establish dedicated air terminal 10 feet above the roof just above the Statue. This improvised air terminal captures the lightning strike, before the roof and diver the current to the ground much faster than conventional simple rod.

This will fever the noise compared with raw roof. In addition to that, it was decided to establish a Surge protection system in order to avoid, down line lightning damages (differential transients). In order to further enhance the dissipation process on the ground within a limited area, a special chemical (moisture retainer) could be introduced, which further enhance the “dissipation array” of lightning current. This will drastically reduce the time constant thus there is no room to create a inductive/capacitive or resistive coupling to create a continuous oscillation. Therefore, by introducing our system, there won’t be any grievances by the concerned parties.


We must be remembered “Barana Mathematician” who had designed this Statue’s measurements prior to this tremendous creation. It gives millions of theoretical and practical concepts to the generations. Although, we are going after Newtonian theories, all these ancient Stupa, Tanks, structures, educate us the way of gaining knowledge or the information different way.

That is what we should figure out at the moment; our ancient scientist gains information via cosmic domain. But with today’s way of thinking based on the wrong religious theories our entire society has become crammers and western book readers. It’s a right time that we should figure out precise teachings of the Lord Buddha. As the lord Buddha though, correct way of getting information is from the getting rid of all illusions and to follow the “beyond thinking process” (or to cease the 5 aggregates to gain illusive mindfulness). This entire Statue says us history, presents and future of our legacy to be changed drastically positively.

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Leyart Silva
Engineering inventor.

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