Venue : “Indra Hotel” , No:174/3, Nedunwatta, Galwala Cross Road, Ragama Road, Kadawatha.
Time : Friday 26th August 2016, at 6.30 p.m

  1. Registration
  2. All Members to take their seats.
  3. Meeting call to order by the President /President to read notice calling the General Meeting.
  4. Singing the National Anthem.
  5. Lighting of Traditional Oil Lamp.
  6. Observing a Minute silence for departed members.
  7. President’s welcome address.
  8. Presentation of the Minutes of the inaugural AGM by the Secretary.
  9. Presentation of the annual report for the year 2014-2016 by the Secretary.
  10. Presentation of financial report by the Treasurer.
  11. Matters arising from Minutes / Queries if any by the Members
  12. Adoption of the Minutes of the Previous AGM. (Subjected to any amendments if required)
  13. Adoption of Statement of Accounts for the Year 2015-2016.
  14. Resolutions- Adoption of changes to the constitution. / Presentation of the constitution changes
  15. Election of the Office Bearers for the Year 2016-2017.
  16. Appointment of scrutinizers by the house to elect new office bearers
  17. Scrutinizer hands over proceedings to new president
  18. Announcement of office bearers by the President.
  19. Hon secretary handing over to the newly elected secretary.
  20. Address by the new President
  21. Awareness on proposed EC act.
  22. Vote of Thanks by outgoing Secretary
  23. Meeting adjourned & invitation to members for fellowship & dinner