To all officials of Alumni sub chapters. Alumni General Membership, Special App’s and NDES holders

We believe most of you are already aware of the issue IET is to face at the moment which results a degradation of National Diploma in Engineering Sciences which is a premier National Engineering Diploma and recognized all over the world.

We know all of you are curious and waiting to see what actions are being taken and will be taken as the official Alumni to overcome the situation. We firmly believe that we can defeat this common enemy and bring justice to NDES and NDES holders through a diplomatic mission so that we have already identified key areas to be addressed and working on a series of actions at the moment.

To start the proceedings, there is no any written document so far revealed in regard to doubling the intake. So, as the first step we have requested written information through “Right to Information Act” from NAITA so that we can make sure their standing on this matter. We have already written to relevant government officials in this regard and requested their attention as well. As the next step, we are planning to meet government officials and cabinet ministers accordingly.

We believe we are not yet in a situation to fight or protest and Association is in a standing that we will only do that if we fail on above mission.

This is the moment we all need to get together and stand for NDES and IET. Please be vigilant and keep in touch with us.

Thanking You,
Damitha Wijethunga
General Secretary

please refer Degradation of NDES.pdf document regarding degradation of NDES. Share this post/ document for all your batch-mates to aware the situation.