NDES සිහින යාත්‍රා 2019

‘SANDES’, The Student Association of NDES is the representative organization of the students at Institute of Engineering Technology. They have undertaken many projects on behalf of helping the needy of our society and NDES- සිහින යාත්‍රා is such a project they were initiated for the first time to lighten up the little hearts of Yapau Royal College, Maho.

Yapau Royal College,Gala,  Ambagaswewa, Nagollagama, Maho. is a rural school which has been the main educating center for about 400 low income children in Maho area. There are classes from grade 1-13 in this school. Due to the lack of water in this area these students have to face many difficulties in performing their daily activities. Although there is a well inside the school premises, its water is not usable at least for washing purposes. These students are used to take water from a small lake besides the school but due to the prevailing dry weather condition this lake also have been dried up. So the students of this school have to face lot of problems as they doesn’t even have single drop of water at least to do their sanitary activities.

Considering above matters, SANDES gather up for helping not only with Making arrangements to get water to the school through a tube well and laying down pipe line system for the distribution. but also following;

  • Donating books to the school library.
  • Conducting a motivational program to the school children.
  • Repairing and making new student furniture’s.
  • Painting the school buildings.


  • Deep Tec Engineering – sponsorship for supplying of submersible borehole pumping set/Pipes and fittings up to gate valve c/w
  • SANDES contribution
  • 2017 IET batch


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August 10, 2019