To all NDES holders in concern,

Meeting on 22nd Sept at NAITA head office

  • Participants – From NAITA,
    1. Chairman.
    2. Acting Director/Principal IET.
    3. Director Training
    4. Deputy DirectorTralnlng.
    5. Deputy Principals IET
  • From NDES & SP. ENG. APP.S’ Alumni Association.
    1. Immediate Past President.
    2. Senior Vice President.
    3. President – NDES National Movement.
    4. Vice President Legal & Admin.
    5. General Secretary.
    6. Mr. Madawaia – Chief Engineer (CEB) – 87 Batch
    7. Mr. Kamal – Regional Engineer (SLT) – 88 Batch.
    8. Mr. Wickramarchchi – 94 Batch.
  • From Student Association of NDES,
    1. President.
    2. Vice President.
    3. Secretary
    4. Batch Representative.

Main focus of the meeting was to reschedule the final year examination delayed due to students protest for double intake without increasing the current facilities at IET. We explained that we are not against increasing the intake, but it should be done with proper evaluation and increasing the facilities only. Further we elaborated that NAITA has failed over the past years to at least fulfill the requirements such as lecturers, lab equipment, building maintenance…etc.

They are in a view that students sabotaged their plans of double intake and hence they are not in a position to hold examinations again. They informed that some facilities and enhancements came to NAITA was redirected to some other institutions because of this. We explained that it is not fair to take revenge from students or iET as responsible government officials. And further explained that NAITA had not any proper plan on double intake that was confirmed through RTI Information we received. Finally, they said they will direct this matter at NAITA director board
and take a decision accordingly.

We instructed all SIP students to start their SIT training until we receive a decision. Finally we had to call off the meeting as these NAITA officials repeatedly saying nonsense without listening to
anyone. in general, they are not willing to listen our views or even to a future of 400 Final year students who are suffering now. They want to take revenge from students to fulfill their personnel gains.

We request all NDES and Special App.s to unite and stand together in this critical situation. Need to support the students and IET. We will look in to further actions and will inform you all shortly. We might have to go to Supreme Court and for that activity we need money. Help that final year students to find proper training places that you know.
We need your support to Protect NDES.

Please be in alert.

Damitha Wijethunga
General Secetary.
NDES & SP. ENG APP.S’ Alumni Association.

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