Top 10 reasons to why you join with us

We couldn’t possibly list every reason why you should join with the NDES & Sp. Eng. Alumni Association, but these 10 should do the trick.

Top 10 Reasons to Join with Us

  1. Stay Connected: Membership keeps you up to date with NDES news and events, and members network and connect with other NDES alumni across the world.
  2. Support for your higher education: Receive Financial and technical support for your further higher education process.
  3. Support IET and Show your Pride: Give back to the IET community by becoming a member.
  4. Support with professional memberships: Providing assistance to gain membership’s on professional bodies such as IESL, IIESL, IAESL, IEEE, ICE, IET, IMechE, IMarEST, IPlantE, IDiagE.
  5. Access to Alumni Events: Receive entry to special events including workshops, seminars, exhibitions, social events, and more.
  6. Career Support Services: Receive valuable career support through NDES Alumni Career Support Services.
  7. Support NDES Students: The NDES and Sp. Eng. App’s Alumni Association engages with students by hosting networking and social events for students throughout the year.
  8. Volunteer: Get involved with the Alumni Association and make a positive difference at IET.
  9. Get-together: Meet with fellow members and refresh your memories of gold old time.
  10. Alumni News: Receive important updates on Alumni achievements, alumni accomplishments, news, and other information.

So, Why you waiting for?